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There is no better feeling than listening to perfect sound. Audio gear has improved vastly over the last few years, and today you have a wide range of new technologies such as Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) and True Wireless (TWS) Earbuds. Personal audio is also becoming more portable and efficient with a wide range of wireless headphones and speakers.

Melbourne Mobiles stock a wide range of audio products on the biggest brands such as Bose, Sony and JBL and offer express dispatch and fast delivery Australia wide, and also run regular deals and savings, to allow you to make the perfect Audio purchase. 

When making your Headphone or Earphone Purchase, consider:

  • Sound quality: One of the most important factors to consider
  • Connection type: Wireless or Wired? 3.5mm headphone jacks on phones are slowly disappearing as wireless technologies continue to improve, making bluetooth handsets a more futureproof and comfortable option as there is no cables dangling around. A 3.5mm connection headset does has the advantage of the ability to play anytime as usually there are no batteries involved. 
  • Noise Isolation: The amount of noise the headset is able to block out. Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a technology that cancels out outside sound, making it ideal for commutes and flights where you need to drown out outside noise. Well-known ANC Headphones include the Bose QC35 & 700 series, and sony WH-1000 series. In some situations the ability to hear outside noise is important, and there are headsets like the Airpods (non-Pro) that still allow you to hear your surroundings. 
  • Battery Life: As battery technologies improve, devices with batteries are becoming more and more battery efficient to offer long battery life while still remaining light and comfortable. 
  • Gestures & UI: Many headsets now have a range of buttons with gesture support for many common functions such as answering calls and changing the volume
  • Build & Aesthetics: Lastly the design and build quality should be considered, for something that is durable and matches your style. Also features like waterproofing / sweatproofing are great for physical activity 

When making your Speaker Purchase, consider:

  • Sound quality: Likewise most important factors to consider
  • Volume: How loud can the speaker go, can it fill a room?
  • Portability: Do you want a portable speaker for when you're on the move? Or do you just want a boombox for the most volume during home parties? The great news is that many portable speakers nowadays are still able to offer great sound quality and volume
  • Battery Life: A key factor to take into account if you are after a portable speaker. 
  • Voice Assistant: As the technology around us becomes smarter, voice assistants makes getting information and completing tasks much easier.
  • Build & Aesthetics: For a design and build that is suitable for your needs. Waterproofing is also something to consider if you want your speaker to be fine with splashes. 
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