Oppo Selfie Stick

NOW: $29.99 (AUD)
($36.14 NZD)

Product Description

·         Cheerful Looks

The combination of pastel blue and the silver coloured aluminium
extension results in a unique and cheerful look that will instantly
put that smile on your face.


·         Uncompromised Design

The pastel blue colouring of the handle, the phone holder and the cable are perfectly consistent and the detailed and integrated design is impeccable.


·         True Portability

At only 160 grams, this selfie stick is comfortably light which your
shoulders will definitely appreciate. It is only 18 cm long when
retracted so it can fit snugly in your bag.


·         Comfort and Convenience

The handle part is made of eco-friendly coloured ABS material, treated
with UV spray. It's silky smooth to the touch while providing a safe,
rubbery grip. The base is also tapered towards the top, providing a
more natural and comfortable grip.


·         Compatibility

Compatible with all OPPO smartphones and most other mainstream
devices with a screen size of less than 6 inches.


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