Carcomm Power Cradle with antenna coupler

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Product Description


Carcomm Power Cradle with antenna coupler for Samsung Galaxy S5


·         This European-designed Carcomm cradle will hold your Samsung Galaxy S5 when in the car, keep it charged, and will connect an external antenna too if needed. The Galaxy S5 is a powerful but large smartphone so it needs a high-quality cradle to hold and charge it properly when in your vehicle. 

·         The Samsung Galaxy S5 Power Cradle (CMPC-649-AC) powers and charges your device while you're on the move, and holds it securely into its position. The unique and patented design of the active holder keeps your Galaxy S5 in place and protects it from being damaged. The antenna coupler allows connection of an external (car mount) antenna if required.

·         Note that because it is a perfect fit to the phone, it does not allow use of a skin, case or cover on the phone while in the cradle



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