BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

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Product Description

The Q2 builds upon the breakthrough voice control technology debuted on BlueAnt’s award-winning Q1 headset with the addition of the first fully integrated text-to-speech feature, Wind Armour Technology™, the highest performance audio on the market and seamless integration with Microsoft Bing™ 411 for instant access to news, weather, sports and more.
BlueAnt Q2 has expanded the comprehensive voice command set that enables mobile users to easily pair, configure and control their device as well as make and receive calls. When the phone rings, users simply say “Answer” or “Ignore.” Making calls is equally simple, users only have to say “Phone Commands” to activate their phone’s voice-dialing features. With Q2, mobile users now can take advantage of the “caller name announce” feature that reads the name of incoming callers from a database of up to 2,000 mobile phone contacts, which are transferred automatically when the phone and headset are paired.

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