Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Performance Active Noise Cancellation Stereo Headset

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($421.68 NZD)
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Product Description

The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905 features revolutionary technology that cancels out background noise and brings optimal clarity to both your calls and your music.

Hear more music, catch the whole conversation, or enjoy the silence with the multi-microphone active noise control eliminating 99% of ambient noise. The Nokia BH-905i sets the standard in audio excellence. Wireless audio mode has a bass boost to bump up the bottom end and stereo widening to recreate that in-the-centre-of-the-sound experience. Wireless or wired, you choose. Hook up with Bluetooth or plug in to any player with a full range of adapters for cable connections.


Active Noise Cancellation

Hear clear music and calls with multi-microphone noise cancellation. Block out the background and relax on the train or in the plane. Be heard clearly in the crowd with twin speech microphones.


Great Sound

Acoustically designed to provide the best possible audio quality. Love the lows with bass boost and feel the width with stereo widening.


Mobile Design

Ultra lightweight with a compact travel case for maximum mobility. Great comfort with an adjustable headband and soft supra-aural ear pads.


Wide Compatibility


Wear wireless or wired with a wide range of music players. Make calls from your computer with a VoIP adapter for your headset.

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