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Affordable Nokia mobile phone handsets

Nokia has over 20 years experience in Australia and offers the largest range of affordable handsets in the mobile phone market.

Currently, Nokia has 124 models, ranging from the most basic to Nokia's iPhone contenders, the N series, and the music-lover's 5800 Xpress Music.

Whatever your mobile phone needs, Nokia has a model to suit them with reliability, functionality and style.

Nokia has phones in all these styles: Standard, Slide, Flip, Touch, QWERTY, and features that include: Wifi, GPS, internet, radio, music player, Bluetooth, video recording and play, and 8mp cameras.

Nokia model to suit your needs

Whether you're a tradesperson needing something rugged and reliable, that can knock around in the cabin of your truck, or better, slot into a hands-free holder complete with speakers and caller display, or a business manager, requiring multiple messaging, web browsing and video recording, an older person who prefers big buttons to key in phone numbers or a teenager who loves touch screens and lots of apps, Nokia has a model to match your requirements.

Not only can you find a mobile phone to meet your specific requirements, you can also find a handset to suit your budget.

Handsets in your price range

You could spend less than $100 on a serviceable Nokia handset, to over $1000 for the top of the range, but a deal from Melbourne Mobiles will save you plenty, making these handsets even more affordable.

With such a wide range of models to choose from, finding the right one could be a hassle, but there is plenty of information online.

For more details and great deals on every great Nokia model, check out Melbourne Mobiles Nokia phones catalogue.