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Mobiles to the rescue

Some people can’t live with mobile phones. Others can’t live without their Nokia mobile phone – literally! Mobile phones are helping search and rescue teams find more and more missing people.

Whether lost at sea or bushwalking, the mobile phone is proving to be the ultimate modern‐day survival tool.

Nokia connecting people

Just like Nokia’s tagline says, Nokia mobile phones really are ‘connecting people’. In this case, it’s those in need to search and rescue crews. Not only are they enabling victims to make the first contact with emergency services, they’re also reducing call‐out times. Not to mention improving actual casualty survival rates.

Mobile to the rescue

From politicians lost in the bush to victims of natural disasters. Stories of mobile phone assisted rescues are now becoming common place news stories. In fact, some of the more resourceful.

methods include:

  • Calling
  • Text and MMS messages
  • Updating social networking website status (eg. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Using the camera flash at night
  • GPS tracking

For those injured, instructions on how to treat injuries are frequently provided by rescue teams over the phone. Until help arrives, this can often mean the difference between life and death.

Get mobile – visit a phone shop

Before you head out, call in to your local phone shop. Get yourself ready with an up to date Nokia mobile phone and plan. Oh, and don’t forget to charge your batteries!