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Help! My mobile phone needs repairs

“If it’s ain’t broken, don’t fix it” goes the saying. But sometimes your mobile phone needs repairs ... and the cheaper the better. Perhaps your Nokia mobile needs a repair to get it working properly. Read on to learn about your mobile phone repair options.

Nokia and cheap mobile phone repairs

Cheap mobile phones are part of life. As a result, they suffer lots of wear and tear. Is your phone not ringing or vibrating? Can’t hear people or they can’t hear you? Got another mobile problem? Luckily, most simple faults like these can quickly be repaired.

For more serious damage, repair work surgery is inevitable. Mobile phone repairs can include:

  • Damaged cases
  • Cracked screens
  • Water damage
  • Battery problems
  • Software updates

Remember, just about any model and brand can be repaired. From high end Nokia to PDAs and cheaper mobile phones. It pays to find out if your model can be fixed.

Phone shop mobile phone repairs

Depending on your mobile plan, repairs can be your cheapest option. Rather than pay‐out your current mobile plan, ask the phone shop if repairs are possible. Better yet, ask if you are covered by your mobile phone manufacturers’ warranty. They will advise you what to do.

Ask a few simple questions. You might just avoid having to buy another phone and mobile plan from the phone shop.

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