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The right mobile plan means a cheaper phone

Mobile phone plans are just like lollies. They come in varying types and varieties. Some you like ... others you don’t. From cap plans, Nokia plans, contract and prepaid, today’s mobile market has evolved. Just as mobile technology has. Cap mobile phone plans are currently all the rage, But so too are cheap phones.

A cheap phone and mobile plan can co‐exist. But how you ask? It all depends on your needs. Knowing which type of phone user you are is the key. Mobile phones users can be classified into:

  • Low use ... most days
  • Medium use ... several times every day
  • High use ... every hour

Pick your usage level. Now match and find the best mobile cap plan to suit. Choose the correct cap plan and you’ll actually save money. Better in your pocket than theirs!

Cap plans, Nokia plans ... let’s make a plan!

When you look around at the mobile plans on offer, cap plans make sense. Not only that, you can secure a good phone cheap.

Cap plans cater from low to heavy users. Nokia mobile plans, for example, range from low use at $29 to $199 at the high use end.

Remember, a higher cap makes for a cheaper phone.

Put your thinking cap on. Think about getting a cheap phone on a Nokia cap plan.