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Nokia N97 sits at the top of the mobile phone range. Nokia’s answer to an exciting new era in mobile computer applications. Focusing on fast, easy web access and browsing, the N97 does it all. Far more than just make calls and text that’s for sure

Nokia’s N97 leads the mobile phone way

So exactly what’s so exciting about the Nokia N97? Quite simply, there’s a reason it’s called a 'Smartphone'. The N97 allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily surf the web via its Qwerty keyboard and 3.5inch screen
  • Enjoy 32GB of your favourite videos, music and pictures
  • GPS maps functionality
  • Photography quality 5MP camera
  • Games, Email, Apps and so much more!

Without doubt, the Nokia N97 typifies ease of use and functionality. Not only that, it comes wrapped in a designer casing too.

Nokia N97 – stylish, sophisticated and smart

From jewellery to clothes and cars, everyone wants the most stylish and sophisticated product on the market. Mobile phones are no different.

Nokia has snatched the trifecta with the N97. Light, stylish and well built. Just what today’s modern mobile phone user demands. With a durable outer shell and solid build, the N97 is sure to cope with whatever you have in store.

Business or personal, the N97 has it all. Think of it as a burger ‐ with the lot!