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Mobile phone insurance ... a smart decision

Your mobile phone is easy to lose or damage ... and even easier to steal. You take car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, house and contents insurance so why not mobile phone insurance? It’s a valuable piece of equipment you’ll find hard to live without.

A lost or damaged mobile phone costs time & money

Mobile phones have become an essential part of most peoples lives. Many would be lost without them. Not having a mobile phone is inconvenient, not to mention costly. Take cover from the chance your mobile phone could be lost, stolen or damaged with mobile phone insurance. Enjoy some peace of mind and benefit from:

  • Worldwide cover if your mobile handset is damaged, lost or stolen
  • Reimbursement of unauthorised mobile phone calls up to $1,250
  • Up to 14 day equivalent mobile cellular hire if your mobile phone is lost or stolen overseas

Is my mobile phone repairable?

There are many places to buy mobile phones and plans. But what happens when your mobile phone needs repairs? Mobile phones can easily be repaired without the need to pay out your phone plan.

So ask a trained mobile repair technician about whether your mobile phone can be fixed. Here’s just a few common mobile phone repair tasks:

  • Water damage
  • Unlocking phones
  • Cracked cases
  • Software upgrades

With the protection of mobile phone insurance, you won’t have the hassle of following up your own mobile phone repair. But mobile phone insurance is like any other insurance. You need to check the policy before you buy. Ask Melbourne Mobiles about mobile phone insurance conditions and benefits.

Get piece of mind and insure your mobile phone today.