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How to choose a mobile phone plan?


When choosing a mobile phone plan rather it is a business mobile plan or personal mobile plan you need to consider few factors which are crucial before you make the final decision:


1)       Mobile Network coverage is our number one concern, even though these days the mobile phone coverage is much better then it used to be you can still find that some mobile network provider have better coverage in certain areas. Same with indoor places, for example: you may have full coverage with Vodafone mobile network inside your home but very poor coverage with Telstra mobile network.

It is always recommended to check the network coverage prior to signing the 24 months contract.

Q. What happens if I signed a 24 months mobile contract and I have no coverage?

A. Most network providers these days provide you with 14 days satisfaction guarantee, this means that you have 14 days to test their network and report back to customer support with any issues you may have. (network coverage issues normally result cancellation of the contact with no fees so you can leave and search for a better network provider)

2)       Looking for a Personal mobile plan or Business mobile plan? Here are few questions that we ask our clients for us to better understand their mobile daily needs.

Q. Am I making calls mainly during business hours or after hours? 

A. if the answer is business hours you definitely need to go for the Mobile business plan, if the answer is after hours go for the personal plan with the after hours benefits (example: Optus yes time)

Q. How many calls do I make per day? Who am I calling to, Clients or friends?

A. We highly recommend to choose a Mobile cap plan if you are making more than 5 phone calls per day (Business or personal the cap plan is normally the same), if you make less than five calls per day means that you do not use your mobile phone for business as much, in this case it is better for you to go for personal plan with free calls to few nominated numbers.

As for those business man that do not use the mobile phone as much, go for a low mobile plan with free calls to nominated mobile numbers and free Voicemail.


3)       Mobile Cap plan or mobile normal pay as you go plan? It is very easy to calculate your monthly cost, all you have to do is know the connection fee you pay per call plus how much you pay per 30 seconds. Once you have that information you can easily decide between the two options.

Cap plans normally give you 5 times the value of a normal plan, they are more expansive, however cost effective and will save you (the high spender) enough money per month if you calculate it right.

For example: on normal pay as you go Business plan you pay 10c per 30 seconds = 20c per min – now add the connection fee of 20c (normally between 20c-35c) equal to 40c for 1 minute call, Lets compare this average plan to the Optus 79 Cap plan:

Min      Pay as you go plan     79 Cap plan  No of calls     Cost per month     

1 Min               40c                    $1.05             150           $60 /   $49 Cap
2 Min               60c                    $1.75             250           $150 / $79 Cap
3 Min               80c                    $2.45             350           $280 / $149 Cap

You can clearly see that Cap gives you more, it may seem to be much more expansive but definitely cost effective, all you need to do now is to calculate your call right and choose the right cap plan for you.

Should you have more questions about how to choose a mobile plan please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 66 19 44, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

4)       What benefits do I have if I combine my other services with the same network provider? Indeed a very good question, it is always better to join all services under one umbrella, this way you are only dealing with one provider and only one phone call to make.

Many provider offer better deals and discounts if you bundle all your services with them, this could be an even better way to cut cost.

For example:

1) Optus offer business mobile users with 3 numbers that you can call for free at any time, however if you have a landline home telephone with Optus as well you will receive an additional 2 numbers to call for free.

2) Another good example is the Optus wireless broadband, combine your Home /Office telephone and receive an additional $10.00 discount per month.

More benefits such as single billing and only one provider to deal with which means only ONE customer service to phone



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