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How to choose a new mobile phone?


Here are Melbourne Mobiles  tips & suggestions for buying a new mobile phone handset:


  1. Comfort – when you first choose a new mobile phone make sure that it is comfortable for you to use. There are so many mobile phone handsets available in the market and as a result the consumer is a bit confused, it is a fact that many people replace their handset in the first few month, this is a clear result of choosing the wrong mobile phone handset. (For example; some mobile phones have very small keys so if you text/sms/email a lot you will find it very frustrating).

    We put together a short check list to help you find the right mobile phone that fit your daily needs:

    • Mobile phone Size is very important, go for the mobile phone handset that is not too big for you nor too small

    • Screen size not less than 240 x 320 pixels

    • Small or large keys? Make sure the mobile phone keys are the right size for your fingers

    • Personal or Business use? Buy a mobile phone that fit your daily needs, for example; emails/ sync with outlook/ sms/ gps/ camera etc’

  2. Features – Ask the consultant about the mobile phone features, if you buy online do your own research on the handset you are about to purchase, you may not use or need all the features that the new mobile phone handset offer you and there is absolutely no need to pay more for that.

    There are many Basic mobile phone handsets available in the market, you can always contact us for more details, our staff members are here to help you find the right solution for your needs.

  3. Price is also a main factor you need to consider, these days most mobile phones are available for a much affordable prices than it use to be. There is absolutely no need to spend top dollar on a new mobile phone handset, these days you can find many brands like Nokia mobile phones/ Motorola mobile phones/ Sony Ericsson mobile phones/ LG mobile phones/ Samsung mobile phones etc’ that offer you reliable low price mobile phone handsets with most basic++ features.

  4. Does that mobile phone brand offer good technical support? Where do I go in case I have a faulty handset? Do they have a close by customer care centre? -Last but can not be ignored is customer service, the mobile phone industry is huge and every year millions of new mobile phone handsets coming out to the market, it is impossible to test every mobile handset before it is being release to us, thus there is a chance that you buy NEW but faulty, this is why you have to ask the consultant before the purchase the following questions so you know what to do in case of a faulty handset or in our language DOA (dead on arrival):

·        Make sure you buy Australian stock with 12 months product warranty

·        Ask about the brand’s customer service and support, how quick they respond to technical warranty issues

·        Find where is your local customer care centre

·        In case of  DOA what do you have to do, bring the phone back or go to the customer care centre

·        If you accidently break the handset where can you fix it? It is easier to deal with one place that offer you most solutions rather than dealing with number of businesses


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